Fresh produce from nature to home

At bollo natural fruit we integrate tradition and know-how, from the tree to the table, and we combine great brands with a vocation for supply​
the quality of a local supplier with the services and confidence of a major brand name
we control the entire supply chain
We guarantee the highest standards of food safety for our consumers and we look after their wellbeing, based on a 360º global quality system and under sustainability criteria.​
Representación Cadena de Suministro
We have a team specialised in AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING AND R+D+I, with the aim of offering the best fruit on the market.​
Naranjas frescas recién recogidas
We monitor TRACEABILITY throughout the supply chain, in partnership with our farmers, customers and suppliers.
Naranja en el árbol
Our aim is to obtain the best flavour, texture and colour, always bearing in mind tradition, in order to offer fruit of exceptional quality.
Niñas bebiendo zumo
freshness from nature to home​


freshness from nature to home​

melon and watermelon

total control from the tree,​
freshness along the supply chain​