indefinite staff




collaboration with the adecco foundation for inclusion​
We are


the soul that makes us unique
We are fresh, vibrant, authentic, from the land. We like to respect the origin, to seek the essence of the simplest things and to be in constant evolution.​
Vídeo somos Natural People
We are oriented towards a commitment to quality, the environment, social responsibility, food safety and hygiene, the result of the joint efforts of the management and each of the people who form part of the project.

empathy to improve ourselves
day to day ​

We are close, we listen actively
and we learn quickly from each
other with respect.

for the future
of all

We build a company aware
that it is vital to care for our planet and we act with integrity and transparency to contribute to social balance.

excellence as part of our dna

Our daily work is result-oriented and driven by continuous improvement. We give the best of ourselves!

recognising our origins

We boldly face new challenges, aimed at creating value through the search for more sustainable solutions.

what do we offer you at bnf?

digital ecosystem for lifelong learning and personal development

We guarantee the education and training of each professional for the proper development of their work.

commitment to diversity

We celebrate, embrace and respect the diversity of people, identities and cultures. We foster an organisational culture of diversity and inclusion.​


We guarantee gender equality, respect and promote fair and equal recruitment and selection processes.​

competitive salary and flexible remuneration​

we offer a permanent contract with a competitive salary and benefits such as flexible remuneration.

internal promotion

We encourage the creation of professional environments. We identify the potential and interests of our employees in order to offer them opportunities for growth in the company.

welcome plan and personalised onboarding

We accompany you in the onboarding process to facilitate your integration and make you feel at ease with us from day one.

safety and health

The safety, health and well-being of our teams is a priority for the company. For this reason, and to guarantee it, we have a Health and Safety Policy and a Policy for the Prevention and Action in cases of Workplace Violence. Our internal team specialised in Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP) acts transversally at all our sites.