We are


We are the result of the merger of seven ​ leading family​ owned companies with a ​
consolidated presence in the wholesale ​
distribution of fruits across Europe. Our
comprehensive offering of citrus fruits, ​
melons, watermelons, grapes, and avocados
throughout the twelve months, along with ​our increasingly extensive range of organic products, is part of our project.

Family-owned companies united by the same tradition ​



We were founded in 2019 through ​the merging of family-owned companies ​with farming heritage, although our origins are centuries ​old. Since then, we have continued to grow organically, thanks to our commitment to quality and excellence and through the integration of other key players in the sector.

Guided by our


Generate positive impact on consumers and be a leader specialising in the global cultivation and supply of fresh fruit.

Inspired by our



Improving the quality of life of society and offering healthy fruits, while protecting our land.

Values and commitments

We are committed to quality, the environment, social responsibility, food safety and food hygiene, thanks to the joint efforts of management and each and every person who participates in the project.


Honesty and transparency with all our employees


Emanating from our operations, aimed at generating positive impact.


Achieving maximum agility of response for our clients.​


Continuously improving appreciating our origins.
We are passionate

about what

we do

More than 4.500 professionals committed to excellence, service and quality.​
+70 technical experts make up a strong operations and quality control team, from the tree trhough the harvesting, to the packing and supply.​

+40 nationalities in our team. Multiculturalism drives a flexible, agile and modern company.

Our specialized commercial team, focused on customers, with deep product knowledge boosts the wow concept leveraging on the category optimization.​