Leading Brands

All our brands share the same purpose: to offer a product of the highest quality, respecting the earth, the environment and the well-being of people.​

pursuing perfection since 1977

The name of the fruit

Pursuing perfection since 1977

Bruñó joined the group in 2022.
In addition to its differentiated Gold Label piel de sapo melon and its renowned watermelon, Bruñó distributes most of the orange and clementine varieties from the Spanish coast. They take care of every smallest detail, from the state of the field and the harvesting of the fruit, to the ripening processes in the factory, selection and distribution of the product, is a maxim in their work. This is the only way to ensure that the fruit reaches the consumer in perfect condition.

The name of the fruit

Bollo joined the group in 2023, 100 years after its birth.​
A national and international benchmark in quality fruit.​
It supplies top-of-the-range citrus and melons, among many other fruits. ​
Experience, passion, innovation and tradition are its hallmarks. ​
A great team behind each function, with the aim of obtaining the best flavour, texture, colour and an excellent general level of satisfaction.​