The Natural Fruit, committed to the environment

14 de September de 2022

Happy Mother Earth Day! 

We celebrate International Earth Day every 22nd of April, with the main objective of raising awareness about issues such as overpopulation, the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of our ecosystems.

Life on our planet would be inconceivable without the optimal conditions it provides us, but over time, these conditions are being affected more and more.Human development and activity have been proven to be aspects which are affecting the planet’s very survival and this is something that we are very aware of here at The Natural Fruit.

In recent years, a multitude of initiatives and actions have been developed in order to reduce the impact of human activity on planet Earth and with the main goal of reversing the climate change caused by our actions.

Among them, and especially noteworthy on this day, is the 2030 Agenda. We have written about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on previous occasions, about how big of a commitment they are to environmental protection, and about how they are one of the fundamental pillars on which The Natural Fruit’s activity is based.

We need to collaborate to protect our planet! 

With the celebration of Earth Day in mind, we want to highlight two SDGs which are closely linked to the event: SDG 13 “Climate Action” and SDG 15 “Life on Land”. Both seek to sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, stop and reverse the degradation of ecosystems, and fight against climate change and its effects.

Agriculture can play a fundamental role in these aspects, due to its close relationship to land ecosystems and the climate, and with the contamination and pressure on terrestrial resources arising from this activity being two of its main problems.

Find out what we’re doing about it! 

Here at The Natural Fruit, we have set ourselves the goal of practising sustainable, efficient and resilient agriculture which is respectful of the environment and guarantees its continued protection. Therefore, meeting the specific objectives of each SDG directly related to agriculture is vital to achieving real and positive change.

We are currently seeking to accomplish these changes using methods that reduce our impact on the environment, such as the selection of one hundred percent organic and biodynamic production systems, the mixing of plant matter into the soil, and releasing insects and other animals onto our land.Furthermore, we have implemented various initiatives such as the calculation of our carbon and water footprints, which will enable us to use our prime materials, resources and energy more efficiently.

But these are just a few of the actions which we have put into practice and which we hope to improve so as to guarantee the sustainability of our production system, demonstrating a real commitment to environmental protection and efficient, lasting agriculture.