World Water Day, The Natural Fruit Company, an example of water efficiency

14 de September de 2022

Every year since 1992, we have celebrated the importance and essential role of water in the development of life. Agriculture would simply not be possible if this resource were not available, so The Natural Fruit is taking advantage of World Water Day to remind people that the protection of water resources is a central pillar in our activity.

Indeed, one of the main objectives of the trend towards sustainable development which we began in recent years, based on the 2030 Agenda, EU Water Protection Laws and other initiatives, is to protect and correctly use our water resources.

The Natural Fruit, committed to SDG No. 6 “Clean Water and Sanitation for All” on World Water Day

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are also committed to water protection and there is, in fact, a specific goal dedicated to it. The title of SDG 6 is “Clean Water and Sanitation for All” and it seeks to provide sanitation and hygiene services, to improve water quality by reducing contamination and the production of waste water, and to increase the efficient use of water resources.

The implementation of a comprehensive management system for water resources and the protection of ecosystems which use water as their main motor must be an essential aspect of any activity. And fostering the creation of water management abilities and elements is our way of achieving this.

At The Natural Fruit, we have begun an exhaustive analysis and protection of the quality of our water resources, and not just for World Water Day. We have taken various steps:

  • Firstly, we have calculated our water footprint, which measures the use and impact of the available volume of water used in our production process. Calculating this figure allows us to find out exactly how much water we consume and the impact its use has on our agricultural ecosystems. This is especially vital in regions such as the southeast of Spain, given the continuous state of drought in which it finds itself. According to the ‘The Water Footprint of Lemons in Spain’ report, carried out by the Inter-professional Association of Lemons and Melons (AILIMPO from the Spanish): lemon production in Spain has managed to reduce its water footprint to 271m3/tonne, making it the fruit with the smallest water footprint out of all those grown in the country. The Natural Fruit continues to work every day towards reducing its water footprint.
  • Secondly, we manage and clean the water we use in part of our production process. The Natural Fruit has a waste water treatment plant in which we treat part of the water used in the processing of our products. Our objective is to reduce contamination as much as possible and to increase the efficient use of our resources.

On World Water Day and beyond, we trust that the implementation of a comprehensive management system throughout the production chain will help us to improve, day by day, our commitment to sustainability and the protection of our most valued asset. The Natural Fruit is synonymous with clean water!

Over 40 years of experience

The Natural Fruit Company is a union of the experience, tradition and vision of the future of three leading companies in the citrus fruit sector (Frugarva, Fruxeresa and Frutas Naturales), with a consolidated presence in large scale fruit distribution throughout Europe. After a lifetime of business, three generations are working together, forming a great team and a great family, and committed to sustainability, empathy, innovation and the excellence of their products.

And within this, compliance with the SDGs is very important, especially “Clean Water and Sanitation for All” and not just around World Water Day. If you would like more information about The Natural Fruit Company’s commitments to the environment and biodiversity, you could always take a closer look at our CSR policy.