Bruñó presents its half-pieces melon and half and quarter pieces watermelon

2 de June de 2023

While preserving the quality of the product and maintaining hygiene and safety measures, at Bruñó we have made available to our customers a new fully automated cutting, packaging and labelling process for melon and watermelon, with all the guarantees of Food Safety. In the case of melons, we cut them into half pieces and in the case of watermelons, we sell them in halves and quarters.

How do we do it?

We select the top quality product and we sanitise it to remove any impurities from the skin. It is then left to drain until the rind has no visible signs of moisture.

Once dry, it is placed on the tray of the pneumatic slicer and cut into halves or quarters. Once cut, the internal quality is checked and any seeds that may be scattered around the cut are removed by hand.

The product is removed and passed to the conveyor belt which feeds it into the automatic shrink-wrapping chain. The chain initially wraps the product in a transparent film, which is then heated in a few seconds to create the so-called “second skin”, which fully protects the product.

Once the product has been shrink-wrapped, it goes directly to weighing and labelling. The scale automatically weighs each piece, printing a label that includes advice on storage temperature and consumption. Once the product has been weighed and labelled, it is packed manually in such a way that the pieces do not overlap in order to avoid crushing the pulp.

After packaging, the product is kept cold until it is loaded and then transported to the customer.