A healthy routine for after Christmas with The Natural Fruit Company

9 de January de 2022

The Christmas season has come to an end and The Natural Fruit Company is getting back on track! We are making some great new year’s resolutions, putting aside the excesses, and getting back to good living habits and a healthy routine. The main things that characterise Christmas celebrations are, without a doubt, copious meals and an increased consumption of alcohol, which we usually justify by saying “It’s only once a year”. However, once the festivities are over, we need to get back into a balanced diet and reduce our consumption of sugar and alcohol.

How to get back into a healthy routine…

There are three fundamental elements of a healthy routine: do regular physical exercise, follow a balanced diet and increase your consumption of liquids, especially water, as staying hydrated is essential. Opting for a detox diet after Christmas can help eliminate the season’s excesses; however, we recommend that you consult a professional to achieve your planned goals, without letting your nutrient intake plummet.

Natural citrus juices

Natural fruit juices, especially those made from citrus fruit, are good detox drinks, seeing as they help to eliminate toxins from the body, they improve digestion and they have a satiating effect. But they don’t only get rid of that feeling of an empty stomach, they also provide valuable nutrients. Orange, mandarin, grapefruit and lemon juice, on their own or in a mix, are just a few of the many possibilities that you can incorporate into your diet. They make for a perfect drink at this time of year, seeing as they have a multitude of health benefits thanks to their phenolic compounds, such as eriocitrin and hesperidin, and their antioxidant, antimutagenic, anti-inflammatory, antiallergenic and antiviral properties.

Include citrus fruits in your cooking as part of a healthy routine

Furthermore, there are numerous ways to include citrus fruits in your cooking, seeing as their strong flavour and added nutritional value can help them become a firm kitchen favourite. Here at TNFC, we recommend adding them to salads or roasts, or using them to dress all types of dishes and foods (just ask people from Murcia about everything they can do with lemons).

The Natural Fruit Company knows that healthiness and flavour are not mutually exclusive, and that’s why we choose to expand our citrus range and offer our customers the best organic products. So, do you want to sign up to healthier routine with The Natural Fruit Company?