The short-eared owl nests in our farm El Cerro

16 de June de 2023

In 2017, we sighted the presence of Long-eared Owls on our farm in Seville, since then our goal was that they nested on the farm.

To do this, we decided to make them some wicker baskets so that they would feel comfortable and take them as their home, but they did not pay any attention. We kept looking for the traces and tracing maps to see if we could find their nest, well, 6 years later we have succeeded!

The surprise has been enormous, as they have nested in an orange tree.

In addition, and as usual in the clutches of the birds of prey that decide to have young in our farm, the long-eared owl has had 5 chicks, the maximum clutch is between 5-6, which is an indication of the health of the farm.