Verna lemon characteristics and health benefits

3 de October de 2022

Lemons (and Verna Lemon is a lemon) are one of the staple foods of the Mediterranean diet and the World Health Organisation (WHO) considers them to be one of the healthiest in the world. It is a citrus fruit with very significant health benefits and it can be consumed on its own, as well as in both sweet and savoury dishes, while preserving all its qualities. In this post, we are going to talk about one of the varieties that is always in our fruit basket at the Natural Fruit Company: the Verna Lemon, a native Spanish variety.

What is special about Verna lemons?

Venturing into the world of different varieties, we can say that the attributes of the Verna lemon are similar to that of the Fino, the most common variety in Europe. Verna lemons have an intense yellow colour, their skin is thicker than that of Fino lemons, and they have a characteristic long shape with pointed ends. It is a noteworthy variety as it has almost no seeds (only three or four per fruit) and a low acidity. Verna lemons originate from and are representative of the Vega del Segura area, although they are also grown in Andalusia, especially in Malaga province. In fact, it is a native Spanish species and unique in the world, giving it a special, distinct character.

We also have to mention that the season for these lemons perfectly complements the sales window for Fino lemons, given that the biggest proportion of the harvest takes place from the beginning of spring until the end of summer. This allows producers of European lemons grown in Spain to satisfy consumer demand.

The freshness of this lemon is linked to a very strict traceability system, which is applied from field to table and has a very low environmental impact. Thanks to all of this, we can safely say that European lemons are a healthy food with great benefits.

What are the properties of Verna lemons?

Lemons have lots of nutritional properties and health benefits, seeing as they are a natural food, fat free, and suitable for a healthy lifestyle. One of their most important properties is their high vitamin C content, which contributes to the normal formation of collagen and vitamin E. They also reduce fatigue and optimise the absorption of iron.

Without a doubt, the Verna lemon is one of the highest quality varieties in Spain, and special mention should go to its skin in the cooking industry, seeing as its texture helps to preserve its characteristic aroma. Likewise, its thickness increases its durability, allowing it to stay fresh for longer, and increasing the harvest window, so it can be enjoyed almost all year round. These characteristics make this lemon special and unique.

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