We have renewed the BRCGS and IFS quality certifications

20 de June de 2023

One year more, we have renewed the BRCGS and IFS quality certifications of our production plants located in Alhama de Murcia and Torreagüera, with the added value of maintaining the score despite being unannounced audits.

The passing of these audits with a very good score is the result of the great teamwork of all the staff who are part of #BolloNaturalFruit.


What is an audit?

It is a systematic, independent and documented process, through which we can obtain evidence that allows us to verify compliance with the requirements of a given standard.

What are the benefits of being certified under a quality standard?

The purpose of being certified under a quality standard is to guarantee food safety, product quality and ensure compliance with the applicable legal requirements, as well as to prevent fraud, thus guaranteeing the protection of the end consumer.


Types of audits.

– Announced  the company can select the audit date within its audit window.

– Unannounced  the company does not have the power to choose the audit date.


Why opt for the unannounced audit programme?

The company’s request for the unannounced audit programme ensures transparency throughout the food chain.

Passing these audits enhances the confidence of customers and end-consumers in the company. They certify that the quality systems are continuously updated and can be assessed at any time without any inconvenience.

It is a way of giving our customers confidence in our processes.